Recycling: Choosing to make a difference

One of the things we are trying to teach the boys, strongly reinforced at school, is our footprint on the world.  How we can make it a better place and, most importantly, how to recycle.

Staying with my mum this summer my eldest really began to take an interest in the different ways we could help, and the different kinds of cup recycling bins (like those found at really peaked his interest.

In a world of convenience where food comes packaged to be thrown away.  Water bottles, juice cups, coffee cups, fizzy drinks.  Chopped up fruits and veggies.  Individually bagged items.  The effect that is being seen around the world is devastating.

From the sea of trash in Bali, that is vomited up onto the beach every monsoon season, devastating wildlife.  To the trash that is cleaned up off the beaches in Britain, daily.  Of plastic lids, drinks cans and other rubbish items.

Taking responsibility

All too often we can all come away with the attitude that if you didn’t drop it, then is it your problem? That how does recycling just one bottle make a difference?

But if we all thought this way then nothing would be recycled.  Be reused.  And our planets resources become more and more depleted as we grow.  So much so that our children will be picking up the pieces, trying to make something from nothing.

With 2.5 billion disposable cups being used every day in Britain alone, then it’s easy to see if we didn’t care we would be compounding the problem.

But what can one person do?

By taking responsibility, by passing on that responsible attitude to your children you can do more than you think.

Asking the right questions, listening for the answers and acting upon the results can help you recycle more freely.  More often.  Openly.

By having a dialogue around the different ways to recycle, the different materials used.  Moving from disposable to reusable.

Changing attitudes.

You can make a difference.  And so can your children.  And their children.

Start by making the small changes and you’ll soon see the big changes that follow.

Infographic taken from e-book by Glasdon UK


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