Teething babies coming my way soon EEP!

There seems to have been a bit of a baby boom around these parts, with so many of my friends becoming pregnant with their third baby.  Though the actual truth was that I was a little late to the baby party.  I am the last pregnant one standing with those pregnancies becoming babies.  And with it the reminders of what is coming my way in December.

28 weeks pregnant

I mean, with my first baby I didn’t really look much further ahead than the baby bump.  With my second, I steeled myself for sleepless nights.  This time round, I remember all of it.

The good, the bad and the teething.

Oh my the teething

My eldest was the BEST teether you could ever imagine.  I mean, one night he went to bed and the next morning he woke up with two little bottom teeth.  We took him along on our honeymoon and whilst we were there he cut his FOUR top teeth.  Not a bother on him at all.


The next thing I knew, he had all of his teeth.  Even those tricky molars coming through around 12 months weren’t too much of an issue.

What an angel.

Which is why when my second was due to arrive I only dreaded the sleepless nights.  I wasn’t too fussed about the teething.

I should have been afraid.

I should have been VERY afraid.

But most of all I should have remembered that no two babies are the same.  And yes, sleep was a big issue for us.  But so was teething.

And I was pulling my hair out.

From around 5 months old he was a dribbly cross mess.

What do I do?!

I took to the internet, I scoured for tips.  I pulled my hair out.  I asked my friends and had everyone telling me what helped soothed their little ones.

Lu, daughter of Hannah from Hi Baby Blog, was soothed by an amber anklet.  A muslin in the freezer to chew on and food to gum.

Cat from Pushing the Moon found that her pair were soothed by frozen chunks of banana (side note – also makes great baby ice cream.)

Emma from Wanderlust and Wet Wipes found other issues from teething, namely nappy rash, and she found that they had to resort to steroid cream to help soothe it!

Me?  I tried everything.  Then one day, when my youngest was a year old, on his birthday in fact, as those molars started coming through I found Teetha.

Nelsons Teetha

Homeopathic based medicine that didn’t make me feel as though I was pumping him full of drugs, and a smiley baby.

Much, much better and a wonderful complement to all the frozen cloths I had in the freezer that he liked to chew on.  And my shoes.  Much like a puppy….

Wherever we went after that point I always had Teetha in my bag, just in case.  In fact it took me a long time after his last teeth came through at just over two to stop carrying it about.  To stop requesting my mum bring some over with her.

And going on the shopping list for this little one once he hits three months?

You guessed it TEETHA!

Because whilst he might be like my eldest with teeth popping through no problem, I’m pretty sure he will be more like my middle child, and anything I can do to help will make me feel much better.

Why not pop over to share your best teething tips @NelsonsBabyUK

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