6 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for a Baby

It can feel like there’s so much to get ready for the arrival of your newborn baby and your car is no different. You want to take your little one out into the world, but you want them to be safe, happy and comfortable. Here are 6 ways you can make your car ready for baby’s first road trip:

Spring Clean

First, get rid of all your clutter. Not only will you probably need all that extra space, but it also means less risk of things flying around your car in the (unlikely) event of an accident. Vacuum and shampoo your car interior to get rid of any nasty germs lurking on the seats or floors too.

Safety and Maintenance

Is your car in tip top condition? Sure, it breezed its latest MOT – but that was months ago. Oil, lights, wipers, tyres, brakes and the rest; give them all the once over to make sure your car is baby-ready.

Baby-Friendly Car Seats

For baby’s safety and comfort, this one’s a no-brainer. You’ll have to buy a car seat, making sure that it’s suitable for a newborn child and that it fits in your car. And don’t forget to install it properly too!

6 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for a Baby 6 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for a Baby

Window Protection

It’s a bright, sunny day – what can go wrong? Well, warm temperatures and potentially harmful rays can make things very uncomfortable for your little one. Tinting your windows or buying a good visor can help avoid this when getting your car ready for a baby. 

Baby Essentials

A baby-friendly car is always stocked up on all the essentials that’ll come in handy when you’re miles away from home. Think nappies, sipping cups, changing mat, wet wipes or a spare dummy. Oh, don’t forget to check your pram fits in your boot too. You won’t want to do without it!

Time To Upgrade?

If you don’t have the space or face an expensive maintenance bill to get your car ready for a baby, it could be time to upgrade. It can seem quite daunting with everything else you have to spend money on, but Unbeatablecar have quality used baby-friendly cars for sale or exchange to suit any budget.

By following these six simple steps, there’s no reason why making your car baby-friendly has to be a major stress. And congratulations – here’s to you enjoying many memorable road trips with the new addition to your family!

6 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for a Baby


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