Simple Tips to Follow to Help Your Baby Sleep Better 

HHaving a baby is a joyous experience. But it can also be stressful– especially when we can’t get them to sleep. 

But there are ways to help our little ones drift off that ensure a better night’s rest for everybody. 

Whatever their sleeping pattern – or lack of – is like, the right techniques can aid you and your child in gaining a full night’s kip on a regular basis. 

Discover how to achieve this here.

Block Out Natural Light 

Hello darkness, my old friend. For parents with babies, the right curtains can mean the difference between sleep and a night spent tending to a crying infant. 

And thanks to brands like Direct Blinds, you’ll find sets that respond to your needs and help you create your intended style for either yours or the little one’s bedroom. 

Make sure to invest in a pair that blocks out light at all times, and you’ll already have eliminated one of the issues preventing your little one – and you – from entering the land of nod. 

Make the Most of the Daytime

Within 10 weeks of their lives, our new-borns have the ability to identify that night is the optimum time for sleeping. Therefore, teaching them how to differentiate between night and day could dramatically improve their sleeping patterns. 

Use curtains and blinds that block out natural light to transform their bedroom into a space that they will associate with night. By doing this, you can ensure that they’ll be better prepared for slumber when it comes to bedtime. 

Similarly, fill the daytime with playful and fun activities. So, highlighting the different times of day to your baby from early on in their development may help to secure a successful bedtime routine.

Stick to A Routine

Most parents will attest that this is tricky to achieve with children of any age, but a regular routine can really help little ones to drift off quicker. 

If this sounds impossible, fear not: so long as you’re sticking to a routine, it can be as straightforward as you like. 

In fact, anything as simple as a three-step sequence – like “milk, nappy change, and lullaby” – can aid your baby in learning the nightly routine quickly. 

Consistency is key here. Your bedtime routine is more likely to be effective if its subjective to what your baby enjoys most. When it comes to settling them, teaching a young infant what to expect before bed is hugely important.  

Helping our babies to sleep better can seem like a difficult task. When you have the right tools and knowledge, though, you can easily reach this goal. More sleep means higher alertness, which in turn means that you’re able to make the most of the time you spend with your little one.

Having a baby is a joy - but lack of sleep less so.  Helping your baby to sleep, without sleep training, is one of the best things you can do to help the whole house out.

Three simple tips to help your baby sleep at night - even when they are newborn.

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