First Baby vs. Last Baby

Precious first born. Your little cherub. The one who can do no wrong, the one where nothing is good enough, and you panic over everything.

And then comes your last child. The baby. The littlest member of the clan, and everything is a little different.

I’m not sure if it’s because I am older, have been through this twice already or just the fact that I know he is my last baby, but this time round things have been different.

It’s less routine and more just, heck, if it works let’s go with that!

Precious First Born – Sleep

He must be in a routine.

The books says he must nap three times a day, two short, one long. That’s what he WILL do.

I might be out of the house at naptime? Oh no, better rush to get back all naps are in the cot.

sleeping baby

Take him out after 7pm bedtime? Are you JOKING?

He will be in his own room from 6 weeks, that’s why we bought him a cot.

Third Child – Sleep

He’s tired.

Stick him in the sling, go about my day, he sleeps when he needs to. However long or short that may be.

We need to do the school run and it’s naptime? Tough, away we go on the school run. But it’s ok, we have the sling he can sleep in that.

Out after 7pm? Sure, I don’t like leaving him – and it’s all ok because I have the sling!

And out of my room? And the co-sleeper?! I don’t think so. He can stay there until he’s 18!


Precious First Born – Feeding

He needs to feed on a three hour schedule. Every three hours. Without fail. For a minimum of 15 minutes. Both sides. If he falls asleep he must be woken up to feed BECAUSE THE BOOK SAYS SO!

And then solids

Weaning onto solids, just like the books say. Baby rice. First tastes. Small steps.

Spoon fed. Bit by bit. Carefully making up organic purees. Everything balanced.

Panic stations as finger foods come in. No salt, no sugar.

Third Born – Feeding

He’s hungry. Better feed him.

And then solids

No time to make up organic purees.

A random toast crust. A bit of what his big brother is eating thrown on his plate (when the time comes).

Maybe even a McDonalds chip and chicken nugget. Or a bite of cake.

Hopefully not a gummy bear force fed to him but you never know.

Precious First Born – Play Time

Waving age appropriate, clean, sterilised toys in his face.

Gently laying him down on the playmat and watching him kick those chubby little legs.

A small, but carefully selected group of toys to aid his development.

And definitely no screens until he is older.

Third Baby – Play Time

Gently placing him on the playmat ….. and two big brothers immediately gravitate towards him to “play”

A myriad of plastic NOISY toys are scattered around as a remote control car whizzes round and round him.

And screens? It’s not quite Baby Jake or Teletubbies more like Ninjago.

At the end of the day

Differences in their upbringing aside, one thing remains the same, they are oh so loved.

Now then, I must go pop this routineless baby in a sling because he is getting tired now and the boob isn’t working!

First Baby vs. Last Baby - Life with Baby Kicks

What is the difference between your first baby and your last?!

Parenting styles evolve over time and all of a sudden you're parenting your last child quite differently to your first!

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