Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable and Cosy

We all like to live in a house that looks nice. But, more important than that is creating a home that feels comfortable and welcoming. You want to be able to walk in the door and feel instantly better. Your home should be somewhere welcoming, a place where you are comfortable and want to be. Here are a few easy ways to achieve that ambience.

Keeping your home warm

In the winter months, there is nothing nicer than walking into a lovely warm house. It feels like someone is giving you a nice big hug. The problem is that heating is not cheap.

Fortunately, power providers and heating oil firms like Emo are aware of this issue, so are working to keep their products affordable. It is now very easy to go online and compare electricity and gas deals, so you can secure the best price. 

Innovative heating oil companies like Emo have come up with several ways to help heating oil users to keep their costs down too. They allow people who live in the same area to arrange deliveries on the same day. Doing this keeps the cost of delivery down. This is largely because the driver wastes less time and fuel driving from place to place. The company passes a significant percentage of those savings on to their customers. They also offer a special planned delivery service which achieves a similar result and has the added benefit of ensuring their customers never run out of oil.

Decorate using warm and inviting colours

But, making a home a welcoming place is not just about keeping it physically warm. The way you decorate has a significant impact on how welcoming it feels.

Simply changing the colours you use in your home can have a significant impact. As you can see from this fascinating article, colours evoke memories and feelings in people. For example, a room that has a hint of red in it will always feel more welcoming than one that is decorated all in blue or similar cool colours.

Learning about the different colours and the emotions they evoke in us is fascinating. You will very quickly be able to use what you learn to make your home a cosier place.

Use texture and natural materials

All humans are drawn to the natural world, on some level. So, bringing a little bit of the outdoors into your home is another way to make it feel more welcoming and comfortable. There are several ways to do this.

Blending modern materials with wood is a great way to make a room feel less stark. If you do not want to do that, consider incorporating some plants into your décor. Once you have them established and acclimatised, palms, bamboo and miniature trees are all easy to grow. 

Pay particular attention to your soft furnishings

Finishing off your living room off with a few cushions is a great way to give it a softer, cosier feel. Soft furnishings make a space seem warmer and more personal. 

Use soft lighting

During the day, when everyone is busy doing things around the home bright lighting is essential. In the evening you want the opposite. Fitting all of the main lights in your home with dimmer switches will make it possible for you to create a warmer, softer feel, when you want to.


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