Being A Work From Home Mum Just Got Easier

When you don’t work from home, it can seem like working from home would just be the absolute dream. But what everyone who works from home realises, is that working from home can be so stressful, especially when you have a family that’s running around with you. So you might work from home because you run your own small business, or perhaps you freelance in one of the many niches you could possibly do it in. Whatever it is that you do, it doesn’t make it any easier. The distractions you face, the time you have to spend making sure that you’re making a living, and everything else in between. But when you’re a work from home mommy, there seems to become more of an urgency to work from home successfully, rather than being filled with all of these distractions. So why don’t you take a seat and relax, and see if any of these tips makes it easier for you to work from home as a mom!

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Have A Better Setup

This is definitely something that all work from home moms need to try and get figured out. Most of you will admit that you’re working from home whilst sat in bed, or sat in the living room, and you’re just surrounded by distractions. So first things first, get yourself a desk. Even if it’s a desk that lives in your room, it’s still an official workspace. A desk makes it far easier to have two screens to work from as well, which is far more efficient. You can learn how to do a split screen on Mac and the benefits of it by checking out articles such as the one linked. It just helps to give you more space to work from, rather than having tons of tabs open on one screen. Make your desk space relaxing, with indoor plants, candles, and organisation. A messy desk is a messy mind, yet so many of us leave it a mess!

Keep Your Working Hours Structured 

Another thing that’s seriously hard to manage as a work from home mom. Keeping your hours structured gives you something easier to follow, rather than just doing a bit of work here and there. So get up in the morning, shower to wake yourself up, have a coffee or some form of caffeine, and eat a good breakfast. Work for the morning as you would if you worked in an office, then have an hour break. Then repeat in the afternoon. The more structured you make your hours, the more of a routine you’re going to fall into!

Do Less, Make More

Sometimes it’s easy to work your bum off all day, but not actually bring in the profit you deserve. So research ways to increase the money you’re bringing in, even though the amount of work you’re doing is reduced. Using social media to promote your freelancing services or business, is an excellent way of bringing in more money, without having to put in much effort at all when doing so.


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