How holiday planning has changed…

This weekend my husband finally landed in from Qatar ready for four weeks of English summer holiday fun. We met him the morning after he landed down at our friends house to start the summer holidays with a bang.

Family of five picking potatoes

Four adults and five young boys ranging from nearly seven to seven months.

It was crazy. It was hectic. It was great fun.

And it got us all questioning summer holidays with children. These days, our priorities have all changed and we are now looking for the best family holidays rather than the Club 18-30 style jaunts of our youth.

Kids Club rather than at the club

These days it’s all about the kids. Their activities. Their entertainment. And giving them (and me!) a chance to get a break at kids club.

To go meet people their own age.

It’s not about getting down to it at the club at 3am any more…. more like night feeding an awake baby.

Swapping reading books for cannonballs

The more active the better, all day in the swimming pool. Up and down waterslides. Karting. Exploring. Mini golf.

Keeping them busy, wearing them out.

underwater baby swimming

Long gone at the days of lazily reading book after book by the pool whilst topping up the tan.

Margaritas OUT slush puppies IN

Frozen margaritas, sunset, perfection and relaxation at its finest.

Not so with boisterous boys running round. It’s less admiring the sunset, more damage limitation.

These days the slush we get the dregs of is of the blue slush variety.


Packing an entire wardrobe for the kids….. and a pair of shorts for us

Shorts. T-shirt’s. Leggings. Jumpers. Trainers. Flip flops. Rash vests. Splash About baby wetsuit. Shirts. Swim nappies. Jeans. Canvas shoes. Swim shorts.

Splash About baby wetsuit, baby and dad in pool

The list is endless.

The best dressed kids around.

Let’s not forget the inflatable turtle that had to come home with us. It WILL fit in the case. Even if you have to leave something of yours behind.

Inflatable turtle in pool

Mum and dad? The same shorts and flip flops for a week.

An active holiday but not TOO active

Before children my husband and I explored the world.

We trekked around Angkor Wat visiting temple after temple.

Angkor Wat Cambodia
Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Wandered the majestic Iguazu Falls (where we got engaged).

Jumped off a lighthouse in Malaysia.

Slid down the waterfalls in Paraty.

Were wowed by the Colosseum in Rome.

These days, whilst still retaining the travel bug, we’ve had to amend how we travel.

Gone are the days of hiking round looking for accommodation with our backpacks. In are splash parks, science museums, interactive experiences, bike rides (but not too far) and ice cream.

The gastronomic experience of ice cream

Ok so some things don’t change….


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