Love Your Mummy Body!

Being a mum is a true blessing, but it’s no secret that life changes in more than one way. All of the sudden you have a little human running around after you, one that requires all of the attention that you can possibly give it. Your social life changes, your diet changes, your family life changes. Everything you once knew changes, but most often it’s for the better. You might have a few blues here and there about the life you used to live, but the happiness your child creates soon makes that melt away. But if there’s one thing that lingers in a mom’s mind for months, and maybe even years after the birth, is the mom bod. Everyone goes on about a dad bod, and how they’re coming back into fashion at the minute, but for moms, it’s such a sensitive subject. Your body changes in ways that you could never have imagined, and getting used to that is sometimes hard to do. So this article is going to help you fall in love with your mom bod, and maybe even make some changes towards it. No matter what, your body is beautiful, but if you’d like a few things to change, keep on reading!

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Find Your Style

So sometimes it might just be that you’re not wearing the right clothes for your body shape, and that can make you feel super insecure. So think about what events you’ve got coming up in your life, and what you’d need to buy to suit the occasion. Summer season is coming up, which means a lot of you will be going on a family holiday. There are some beautiful maternity swimwear ranges out there that will show your figure off beautifully. It’s suitable for those of you who are carrying, and for those who have not long brought your new baby into the world. Maxi dresses are also a beautiful addition to any suitcase, especially yours. If you can get a loose fitted floaty one, it will show off the curves you have, whilst also giving you that breathing room that makes you feel comfortable. Tight clothing on holiday just isn’t what anyone needs!

Start Your Fitness Journey

So this is the hardest part for any mom. You could have all of the will in the world, but actually starting the journey is so hard. But one thing we would recommend, is joining a fitness group, or diet group. These keep you focused so much more, it’s a great way of making new friends, and the progress will be so much better. All it takes is some light exercise and the right diet, and we promise you’ll start noticing a difference to your body.

Find A Love For Yourself

You’re never truly going to be happy if you can’t find love for yourself. Whether you lose weight or not, you’ll still have those lingering insecurities ready to bring you down. You have to find a love for your body, and focus on the positives that you see in yourself. Appreciate who you are as a mother, and what your body went through, and love yourself!


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