Your child’s bedroom doesn’t have to be boring!

There seems to be this recurring myth, that all children’s room need to be a pleasant yet boring blend of pastel colours that tend to reflect the gender of the child. This might work for the first few months, since the new-born eyesight is not capable yet to distinguish between far away shapes. Those few hectic months are however soon behind you, and you are left with a fast growing, spirited kid that is desperate for stimuli and challenges. A child’s room need to be a place that nurture learning, foster imagination, a place to play, have fun but also seek refuge for the challenges of kindergarten or primary school.

Wallpaper is the perfect tool to bring creativity to one of more walls. You might associate wallpaper to the décor of your grandparents’ home, where all the four walls were decorated with a paper-based wall covering, usually with some gentle, if slightly boring, pattern. Well, we are now well into the 21st century and also this industry has been revolutionised by the advent of technology, with new materials that make it more resistant and often even washable, the perfect combo for something that need to survive in a very challenging environment. Nowadays feature wallpaper that to be put on simply one or two walls, that serve as a visual highlight for the room, the other wall remaining in a more subtle, uniform colour, that need to match with the pattern colour, to avoid unwanted chromatic dissonances.

Wallpaper offers, when compared to simply painting the wall, an almost infinite variety of options, with different materials and a plethora of designs that cater to all possible taste. We would like to present you a selection, to give you an idea of what is possible. Although you should have the last word when decorating the room of a small child, try to involve the little ones in the choice of pattern, it will make them happy and involved!

Marvel Heroes

In the last few years Marvel heroes have made an incredible come back, from being relegated to the pages of dusty comic books to blockbuster characters that dominate the popular culture landscape. Kids worldwide, from Caracas to New York, from Berlin to Singapore, dream of being Iron Man, Black Widow or Thor. Why not make your kid happy with a delightful representation of the classic Marvel Comics covers from the 60s, mixing vintage and modernity in this timeless vintage feature wallpaper?

childs feature wallpaper


These mythical creatures never seem to go out of fashion. It is difficult to clearly understand the reason behind it, but they seem to carry on being loved from one generation to the next. Currently the unicorns are trending everywhere and are particularly loved by girls. This beautiful feature wallpaper, combining rainbows and unicorns, it’s always a winner with girls of any age!

childs feature wallpaper

Vintage Mickey Mouse

Returning to the comic book characters theme it is impossible not to be seduced by the timeless classic of vintage cartoon strips from 1930s Mickey Mouse. They seem to evoke a happier, simpler time and it will keep both children and grown-ups intrigued for a very long time. Unlike the Marvel theme, this is a motif that has a very broad appeal across genders, with both boys and girls finding it appealing.

childs feature wallpaper

My favourite animals

This stunning feature wallpaper depicts beautiful drawings of many animals, providing younger children with endless details to focus their attention. The name of each animal is written in clear letter below each picture, helping children starting to associate a written word to the image. This can prove quite helpful in the preschool years and provide the basis for endless games.

childs feature wallpaper

These are only a few examples of an almost endless selection of great kids feature wallpapers awaiting you. Don’t be afraid to be daring, you will be rewarded!

Redecorating your childs bedroom using feature wallpaper.

With the assistance of wallpaper from the 70s

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