5 Reasons To Visit New York

New York is one of the most famous cities on the planet and an incredibly popular tourist destination. It is featured in hundreds, if not thousands, of TV shows and movies, making it seem like a familiar place to many, even if you have never visited.

But why should you visit the city that never sleeps? Is it really as special and unique as it seems? The answer is yes – and until you visit the city, you will never quite understand what it is that makes it so magical. However, here, we will try and explain just why you should pay The Big Apple a visit.

The incredible diversity

There is no place on earth that is quite as diverse as New York, with people from all over the world living side by side and a range of neighborhoods from the stately and tranquil Upper East Side to the gritty Bronx, there really is a vast array of people and places.

The culture and entertainment

No one could ever accuse New York of being short on either count! The art scene is unparalleled, with The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Guggenheim, amongst others, displaying some of the best pieces in the world. If a show is more your thing, book some Broadway tickets and hit up one of Manhattan’s 41 mainstream theaters. Musically, it is home to the world-famous Madison Square Garden, where it is pretty much every artist’s dream to perform.

The skyline

You’ve seen it on a million album covers and t-shirts, but there is nothing quite like seeing the skyline of New York in person. It is a humbling experience to walk down a Manhattan street with skyscrapers towering above you. From 1930s monuments such as the Chrysler Building to the One World Trade Center completed in 2013, these gigantic beauties have to be seen to be believed, and of course, let’s not forget the still incredible Empire State Building.

The food – oh, the food

New York is like heaven for foodies, with cuisines from all over the world found next to one another. There are more than 23,000 restaurants serving foods from over 60 different countries, so there is never an excuse not to find something to eat! Hit Brooklyn for Jewish delicacies such as pastrami, egg and cheese sandwiches, or visit the world-famous Katz’s Delicatessen on the Lower East Side if you want something more traditional.

The energy and the people

Last, but not least, what makes New York special is the people and the energy that they bring to the city. They are friendly, they are brash, and the whole city marches to its own electrifying beat. Everywhere else seems dull and slow in comparison to New York’s bright lights and energy. From yellow cabs streaming down Fifth Avenue, steam pouring from street gratings, sirens wailing, and people bustling about all day and all night, it truly is a city that never sleeps.


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