I’m dreaming of a GREEN Christmas

When I first met my husband, way back in 2008, we worked together in Liverpool. On Dale Street to be precise, in the worlds local bank shaped like an eggbox. (If you’ve been to Liverpool then you’ll know where I mean).

We were there when Liverpool ONE first opened, our first Christmas together spent frantically running round the new shops to buy each other that perfect gift. And to be honest not much has changed. We still frantically search for that special gift for each other.

I love the look on his face when he opens a gift that I have bought, one where I have thought outside the box, and personalised it for him.

He loves to surprise me with little gifts, and his ability to pick the perfect dress that fits beautifully never fails to astound me.

The one thing that has changed, other than the fact we now have three small boys to buy for, is that we are much more aware of our environmental footprint.

Christmas Bauble

This Christmas we want a GREEN Christmas

I LOVE Christmas. Everything about it. The food, the gift giving, the excitement, the food, did I mention the food?

As I get older, as the boys get older, I worry about the environmental impact of our actions. And this year I want to take some steps to make sure that we are having a greener Christmas.

From the gifts to the wrapping to the food, there are little ways that we as a family can help make a difference.

Reusable Bags

Ditch the plastic bags and take your own reusable bags shopping with you. If it’s good enough for your weekly grocery shop, it’s even better for wandering round town.

Not only that but a good reusable bag tends to dig in less to your fingers!

Have a vegan pit stop lunch

Christmas shopping is hectic. Tramping round the shops. Coat on. Hot and heavy.

In and out, in and out. Up and down. Back and forth.

Wearing your soles out. It makes sense to have a pit stop. And this year why not try out going vegan for lunch. With vegan options available at the likes of Pizza Express, Wahaca, Wagamamas, The Cosy Club, and Las Iguanas to name but a few, what are you waiting for?

Ditch the plastic

Go back to basics with beautifully crafted wooden toys for the kids.

Petitlou Wooden Rainbow

Lose the plastic bottles and invest in reusable water bottles for all the family. At the same time invest in a reusable coffee cup – and benefit from the discounts available in the likes of Costa and Pret.

Think about how you travel

Christmas shopping together is often more fun than tramping round on your own – plus you then have your very own partner in crime to make your pit stop with.

This Christmas why not think about car sharing, or better yet taking public transport to your final destination.

Change your Christmas mindset

And the final big one for me is changing my Christmas mindset.

It’s not all about having the biggest pile under the tree. Filling the playroom with more junk. Toys that lie forgotten about by Boxing Day.

It’s about being mindful with what I buy, and how I buy it.

Shopping local. Shopping small. Shopping sustainably.

something you want
something you need
something to wear
something to read

How are you going to have a green Christmas?

For more ways to have an eco-friendly Christmas please see the Liverpool ONE e-Book


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