Four ways to save money this Christmas

It’s the time of year when thoughts turn to the Big Man in red. Yep, the holiday season is fast approaching.

I swear I have absolutely blinked and missed the whole of 2019. Though that may be in part due to the fact I am in denial over the fact that my baby is turning one but still, December is fast approaching.

And with it the feeling that money is trickling through my fingers.

Everywhere I turn I feel I am spending something. A little bit here, a little bit there.

And I know that it’s not necessary

I don’t feel like I am too excessive on the presents list. Whilst there may be a variety of presents making their way into the sack on Christmas morning the value is varied between chocolate coins and the robot that my son begged for in October (then promptly forgot about whilst writing his letter to Santa, but I digress).

It just feels like a small amount on festive food here. Hands in my pocket for the Christmas crackers there. Little and often.

And it adds up.

So I am on a mission to save, earn and not wake up on Christmas morning with a money hangover.

Comb through your bills

First step first. Try and save some money! Check through all your bills and see where you can reduce. For example gas company ga has a host of tips on how to source your gas. And that is just one bill!

Martin Lewis from money saving expert says that taking the time to comb through all of your bills can in fact save you thousands per year.

What are you waiting for?

Shop secondhand

Become eco friendly and purse friendly!

Shop second hand and give toys a second chance at being loved by a child. Charity shops, Facebook, Gumtree, all offer chances for you to find that perfect gift for your child more often than not at a bargain price compared to buying new.

Sell on your old toys

Which leads nicely to selling on your old toys, baby equipment, books. Marie Kondo your house and anything that no longer sparks joy sell on to someone else who will love and cherish it.

ecommerce - sell online

Meal planning and fakeaways

In the lead up to the big day I find it gets a little hectic. Days go by and not only do I stop meal planning, I stop eating as well as I should.

Out go the fresh fruit and veg, lovingly home made meals. In come takeaways.

Mainly burgers and chips.

Costing money and having a drastic impact on my waist line.

This December I am pledging to meal plan throughout the week, incorporate all we need – something about macros there I think – and get the nutrients into us. Though that doesn’t mean banishing the takeaways, it just means making them FAKEAWAYS instead.

meal plan

How are you planning on saving this Christmas?

Four ways you can save money this Christmas


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