Four Great Destinations for the Frequent Traveller

If you love to travel, likely you’ve already been to all the places on your bucket list, and you might be wondering: where to next? Lucky for you, this world is an untapped resource of amazing sights, wonderful food, beautiful local cultures and historical landmarks.

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You’ll never get tired of travelling all over to soak up the atmosphere and get some R&R. 

So where to next? Below we’ve listed four amazing destinations that frequent world-travellers are buzzing about, and some things you can do once you arrive. 


Singapore is a great place for a solo visit or a family vacation. The Asian country has grown in popularity amongst travellers of all ages in recent years, due to the friendly culture, the amazing food, and generally reasonable tourism costs, as well as the booming business culture. Housing is especially affordable in Singapore, with prices so reasonable that many people who travel there frequently have chosen to find an hdb for rent in Singapore rather than staying at hotels; many of these same folks sublet or use them as an Airbnb when they’re not in town. Whether you’re interested in a business venture like this or just want to come on vacation, Singapore is a great destination choice. 

New Zealand

Just a few short years ago, New Zealand seemed to many like an unattainable fantasy destination. Thanks to films like Lord of the Rings, people began to fall in love with “The Land of the Long White Cloud”, aka Aotearoa – but unfortunately for many, airfares to the Pacific Island country where exorbitant with 15+ hour long flights making travel there somewhat of a long shot.

In recent years flights to NZ have come down significantly, with certain airports offering flights directly to Auckland without any layover, making travel there much more convenient. Travel tours to the country are are everywhere, but we’d recommend going on your own and checking out a few sites off the beaten path – the East Coast is especially beautiful. 


Iceland is another country that is experiencing a bit of a boon in tourism, thanks to it’s progressive views on environmentalism and politics landing it in the news pretty frequently. In addition to its great leadership, this country is known for it’s majestic, other-worldly beauty; like a real life version of the movie Frozen. It’s an icy paradise, and while it’s definitely got more tourists these days, it’s still off-the-beaten-path enough where you can enjoy a trip unencumbered by tons of other tourists. Just remember to pack a coat!


Thanks to recent political efforts of the last administration, it’s now much easier to travel to the Latin American nation than it was in past years. And travel there you should. Cuba is a rich tapestry of culture, music, food and some of the most scenic views you’ll ever see. But the best part of Cuba, hands down, are the people. Pretty much everyone who has ever been to the small country have said it was one of their favorite travel experiences. 

These four countries are just a taste of the many wonderful destinations around the world that you should be booking right now. Get out and enjoy the best the world has to offer with an amazing holiday in one of these four beautiful countries.


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