Why classic decor and furnishings will always have their place in the home

No matter where you look, and what trends are flying around, in all walks of life there are simply some things that never go out of style. Whether it’s a classic movie, a timeless piece of music, or a relentlessly inspiring work of art, some things simply stick. And the same applies to home decor. While you will always have the option of decorating your rooms with something vibrant and ‘now’, you could also choose to build your room around a time-tested classic.

What makes something timeless?

Given the intangible nature of timelessness itself, there are several schools of thought on this. You’ll find the words ‘simple’ and ‘memorable’ branded around (not to mention ‘simple, memorable brands’). You may also encounter ‘popularity’ – but don’t pay too much attention to this as a quality of timelessness. If popularity was a genuine trait of creating a classic, then every trend there’s ever been would also be unequivocally timeless – and trends are actually anything but.

Ultimately, what makes something timeless is far deeper than aesthetic value, or fleeting reputation. It’s more about an emotional connection to something – the way it makes one feel and how instant such a connection is established. Forbescites the example of the Chesterfield Sofa, among several examples of classic furniture that will never go out of style. 

coffee watch chesterfield table

With its design roots traced all the way back to the 18th century, without even describing how it looks and feels, if you know the Chesterfield, you’ll probably think opulence, comfort, and class. Rather than just how it looks, it also seems to resonate with qualities that reach far beyond aesthetic value. This is why the legendary couch (and remember – at one time it was just a couch!) will always have its place in the home, office, or waiting area.

How to incorporate classic decor and furnishings effectively

When bringing timeless pieces like these into the home, there is something of a ‘less is more’ quality involved. For instance, imagine the trusty Chesterfield in a room filled with walnut wood furniture and flooring, china ornaments, and large Rococo paintings. It begins to feel a little like a museum, right? But now place that Chesterfield in a minimalist environment with oak flooring – it stands out far more.

living room

In environments like this, the classic contrasts wonderfully with the contemporary, and becomes far more of a statement all of its own. And as TheSpruce.com advise, when transforming a room with timeless designs, it’s far more effective to incorporate a single focal point to arrange the rest of the room around. Ultimately, this makes the impact of these select pieces more prominent – not to mention longer lasting.

To further accentuate this effect, you can mix and match classic and contemporary design as you please. Whether it’s a selection of choice artwork, a fabulously stylish floor lamp from Pagazzi, or wall murals that embody another classic era, several key items or furnishings really bring the room to life – including the classic character of the pieces you’ve chose. 

Over time, you could occasionally find that your decor and furnishings become retro, but that’s absolutely fine. Retro is something of a trend in itself, and as soon as your favourite furnishings cease to be retro – they’ll go back to being the classic, timeless pieces you’ve always adored.

Why classic decor and furnishings will always have their place in the home

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