Making Work Life Comfortable When You’re Expecting

Just because you’re expecting doesn’t mean the world has to stop turning. You will want to continue working and only take time off when you’re good and ready. You’ve got a baby on the way, so working for a long as you can and earning enough money to use, later on, is to your baby’s benefit. Even if you can take maternity leave early, chances are you will want to continue working so as to not give up your spot at work, to someone else. This is especially true when you are in a managerial position. It’s difficult enough to get such a role without having to give it up when you have it. But, what’s also difficult is feeling comfortable at work, while you’re pregnant. So here are ways you can feel good and focus on your job.

Correct posture is longevity

When you’re popping out, you will have more weight over your front axis which can cause bad posture. Your shoulders will curl inward at your desk, even more so than normal. Your waist will feel as if it’s being pushed forward and down, putting more pressure on your pelvis. This can result in lumbar spine pain and make work-life horrible. You should learn how to sit correctly while pregnant so your health at work has more longevity. The key is to not slump forward. Therefore sit back and relax, but keep the support of your chair, straight as possible. This way you are up to the screen but your weight is neutral. On the other hand, you can always buy a maternity cushion and you will naturally feel more comfortable in not so rigid a position.

Still looking professional

If you have a role in which you need to dress more formally than most jobs, then you need special clothing. As your baby grows, your bump will inhibit you from wearing your normal work clothes. So increase your wardrobe with maternity clothes that look smart but still provide you with enough room to feel comfortable while heavily pregnant. Try the Nadia dress by Iegoe which is in all-black and stretches with your body while fitting snugly across your figure. If you would like something to cover you and provide warmth while at the office, try the bamboo waterfall cardigan, also in black. Black is naturally slimming, which makes you look better while pregnant. You won’t hear too many calls from people for you to go home and rest if you look better than they do. 

Take time for yourself

Even while you’re still at work during your pregnancy, you should be taking regular breaks. Every hour or so, get up and walk around if you feel like you need to stretch or get some fresh air. Remember that your discomfort and stress will impact the baby. You need to take time out for yourself when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. Be lenient with yourself but never abuse your time away from the desk.

You should want to carry on working if you feel you’re up to the job. Your normal life doesn’t have to come to an end for the next 9 months or so. These adjustments will ensure this.


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