3 Tips To Help You Write Blog Posts With Ease

People often ask: what is the hardest part of running a blog? What is the biggest challenge you face when starting up and continuing with this hobby? It may surprise you to learn that the hardest thing is writing the posts themselves! Many bloggers struggle with inspiration for regular posts, not to mention that it can take far too long to create them. People want regular content, so the demand for frequent posting is high. 

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Ultimately, when it comes to monetising a blog, much depends on the frequency and quality of your posts. You need a regular audience to keep coming back, which is how you make the most money from advertising, sponsorships, etc.

With that in mind, I thought it would be really helpful if you learned how to write blog posts with ease. So, here are some tips that should speed up the process and ensure you make content people are interested in:

Know your audience

The first step is to understand who you’re writing for. If you don’t know this, you will never be able to create great blog content. This is obviously based on what your blog is about. What type of people are you catering towards? If it’s a mummy blog, you know your audience is primarily mothers or parents. So, all your posts are geared towards them and based on similar topics. The biggest waste of time is when you try to create posts for everyone. Don’t do this; know your audience and cater to them.

Use templates

A simple way to speed up your writing process is to create templates for your posts. You can easily find automated MS Office templates that provide the perfect structure for a blog post. Now, you just have to add in your words and upload the post. You can create different ones for different types of posts – one for a regular post, one for a list article, one for a review, and so on. By having the structure already laid out, you can get to work with one less thing to worry about. 

Plan your posts

As well as using templates, you should also plan your posts before you write them. This may seem like it adds extra effort to proceedings, but it will help you write a lot faster than if you started your posts cold. Planning is simply a case of making a few notes on your chosen topic, doing your research, and compiling a few key points. This lets you know what to talk about, what order you’ll talk about points in, and how you will start and end the post. When you combine this with templates, you can whizz through your writing and create more posts all the time. 

With these three tips you will be in a fantastic position to create a great blog. It’s all about knowing your audience and setting up your posts perfectly. This will allow you to keep making content as often as possible, which is the best way to grow a blog. 


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