Baby Proofing 101

If becoming a new parent isn’t already thrilling enough, there is more to learn when it comes to actually having to bring your new baby home with you.

Childproofing your home is essential and will keep your baby safe and healthy. Before your little one comes into the world, you must make sure that every part of your home is childproofed from the nursery, to the bathroom, kitchen and fireplace. Every part of your home that could pose as a threat to your baby should be proofed.

If you just bought a new home or are searching for one such as Ottawa homes for sale, make sure you look for hazards in your home that you have to fix. Most preventable accidents are the greatest cause of injury or death in children, so you must be diligent to make sure you have created a safe environment in your home.

Stair hazards

Baby gates around any stairs are a must have. You should install them at the top and at the bottom of stairs. A gate at the top of stairs ensures that your baby won’t tumble down them. You should use a permanently-mounted gate that isn’t susceptible to slippage, especially at the top of a staircase.

Putting a gate at the bottom of steps is important when babies are crawling and toddlers are walking. If they haven’t mastered stairs yet and they decided to climb up them then there is a risk that they will fall down the stairs as well. A pressure-mounted gate will suffice for the bottom of the stairs.

Household Dangers

Toilet seat locks are a great invention for babies who are curious and aren’t quite sure what the toilet is for yet. It keeps their tiny hands out of toilet water and eliminates a drowning risk if they were to fall in head first.

Make sure you have put all your electronics in a high place before the baby comes home. Appliances with cords such as hair dryers, computers or curling irons are dangerous to curious little minds who like to grab and pull at anything.

Other items that should be stored properly are laundry products such as bleach and detergents.

Colorful pods look like fun and candy to kids and if they are inhaled or swallowed, the chemicals in them are dangerous, even deadly. Store these items as high as possible, even in a locked cabinet if you are able.

Bedtime Safety

You want your baby to be comfortable when they come home, but you should avoid crib bumpers, pillows, blankets or stuffed animals inside the crib. They are considered suffocation hazards and can even assist the baby in climbing or falling out of the crib. Use a fitted crib sheet on a mattress and call it a day.

When your last baby moves into his big boy cot

These are some quick tips to baby-proof your home for your little one.

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