Hand sanitiser should be the new normal

Hand sanitiser is essential for regular and effective on-the-go hand hygiene and it should be the new normal. According to Professor Van-Tan in a recent article on the Telegraph, he believes that certain habits that we’ve picked up during these uncertain times may “remain staples of daily life.”

And I think so too! These habits, such as using hand sanitiser to stop the spread of bacteria and germs, are highly important to keep us and the others around us healthy. I’ve always had a small bottle of hand sanitiser to keep both my hands and my children’s hand clean and refreshed after touching public surfaces.

Hand hygiene is so, so important and I can’t stress it enough. To share some of the key benefits of hand sanitiser, I’ve partnered up with Ocean Free, UK hand sanitiser supplier.

1. Kills bacteria, germs and viruses.

Germs, bacteria and viruses can live everywhere – in the air, on food, animals and surfaces. Some germ hotspots include lift button, light switches, door handles and handrails. After touching any of these, hand sanitiser should be used to kill any bacteria, germs or viruses that might now be on your hands. 

As this article on Sparkles and Stretchmarks explains, “effective hand sanitiser has between 60% and 95% alcohol content.” So, to guarantee you get rid of the most amount of microorganisms on your hands, choose a high alcohol percentage hand sanitiser.

2. Reduces the spread of infection.

By using hand sanitiser and killing any germs, bacteria and viruses that might be on your hands, you reduce the chances of getting ill as well as the spread of these germs, bacteria and viruses to others. Fashion and Style Police believes that “staying healthy is a big part of self-care and, with that in mind, hand hygiene plays a big role in staying healthy.” And I couldn’t agree more!

3. Portable and convenient.

No matter where you are, hand sanitiser is always helpful. You might be out and about without any access to clean, running water and soap or you might be near public bathroom facilities but there is a long queue – hand sanitiser to the rescue! 

4. Safe for children.

As this article on My Fashion Life says, hand sanitiser is safe for children, however, children should use it under adult supervision. This article also shared a study that found out that the “frequent hand sanitiser use in toddlers, instead of soap and water, may lead to fewer respiratory infections, less antibiotic use and fewer sick days.”

5. Endless options available.

Moisturising hand sanitiser, fragrance-free hand sanitiser, liquid hand sanitiser, gel hand sanitiser, scented hand sanitiser… the options are endless! With so many hand sanitiser options to choose from, you can easily find the right hand sanitiser to meet your requirements.

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