Could You Move House During A Pandemic?

Since being in lockdown for many months, we have become accustomed to the nature of the beast. We can’t go out unless we absolutely have to. We cannot even go out for a walk in some areas of the world. However, slowly but surely, fewer restrictions are going to be put in place as countries around the world gear up for a gradual loosening of rules. If you have also been hit by a number of stark realities about your living situation, you may be asking yourself, whether now might not be the best time to move house? We explored the very real impactful things that you face if you do decide to go down this route and what you can do about it. 


The external risk

When you are inviting others into the home, from outside the friends and or family circle, you are running a slight risk. Hiring workers to come and load your things, means sharing your home with them and being confined with each other. Obviously, social distancing is in force right now and this could mean you break the rules if you aren’t observing them correctly. So we recommend that you and your family move out of the house while they load up. Alternatively, if you cannot do this, wait out in the garden as they go in and out of the house. You cannot be inside, stay 2 meters apart, while they are going up and down the stairs. So find some way to stay put as they load up.

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

As we have just shown, loading up is going to be the hardest task in the Covid-19 world. But, if you pack everything up yourself before they arrive, this could greatly limit the time spent inside the house. It goes without saying that it limits the risks. So, pack all your things and leave them in a convenient manner inside the room. Wrap your bed parts up, put vases, lamps and figurines in boxes, label them, tap them up, write ‘this way up’ signs, etc. Even though you can leave it up to the professionals to package every item, this could take twice the amount of time and thus, make it less convenient for you. Normally you can wait inside the house, have one last meal before it becomes your old house, but not anymore. But hey, if you’re okay with waiting around, fine.

Hire the best team

If you’re going to move during the pandemic, you should hire one of the best moving companies you can. Shiply gives you a whole array of services, who are bidding for the job you are offering. Each company has a user-rating, so you can go through the reviews, reading about complaints or impressive experiences. Just set the type of vehicle you need, the time of the move, the route and the website offers the job up to those who want it.

You can move during a pandemic but it will be difficult. As long as you obey the social distancing rules, are prepared, and use the right service, you can arrive at your new home safe and sound. 

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