Is My Child Ready for Nursery?

Children tend to go to nursery school when they’ve reached a year old, but it can vary from person to person as to when they take their child through their first steps of education. There are a whole host of benefits to taking your child to nursery so that they can begin learning and practicing so that they’re ready for the next phases of education.

This guide from this day nursery in Richmond will show you when it is best to take your child to nursery.

The first signs

The best way to tell if your child is truly ready for nursery is what level they are at in terms of being potty trained. If they can go to the toilet by themselves, or at least indicate to you that they’d like to go to the toilet, then they should be ready to attend nursery school. You should be able to speak to nursery teachers to ensure your child is doing well.

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Social skills

Nursery is the perfect place for your child to learn about how to be social and being able to speak to people their age comfortably. It obviously doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but each child will be able to practice and learn about socialising and play time with others very quickly when they attend nursery.

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Level of speaking ability

If your child can speak a few words, or even just recognising words from you or others, will give them an edge when they begin nursery. You shouldn’t worry if they’re not at that stage yet, as nursery is the perfect way of letting your child learn how to speak and learn from themselves.


It is daunting being away from your child for the day, but it’s also about how they will react when you drop them at nursery. Do they interact with others? How do they handle tasks of the day? Speak often to your nursery teachers about their progress and how you can help them.

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