How to Raise an Inquisitive Child

Inquisitiveness in children challenges them for the future and how they will be prepared for unique situations. It’s also a way of increasing a child’s confidence, self-esteem and their level of positivity both at home and when they attend school. So how can you help your child cure their curiosity?

This guide from this private boys school in London will show you the ways to raise your child to be inquisitive and eager to explore the world.

Let your child take the lead

Give your child the chance to lead the day and what they want to do with it. It may be really fun and spontaneous to do exactly what your child might decide! It’s a good way of showing your child what fun they can have when they think on their toes, being open and honest.

Encourage them with positive affirmations

When you’re young you often do a lot of silly, but harmless, things in front of your parents or siblings. Even so, try and motivate your child when they do things by themselves. There’s something loving and rewarding about giving your child the chance to learn freely.

Ask lots of open-ended questions

Give them the chance to answer questions for you. They are probably incredibly curious about the world, so ask them loads of questions about how they feel, what they think about certain things and how to approach different people. It’s a great way to test their thinking skills!

Cooking or baking

Something often not thought about is how many daily fun activities can improve your child’s inquisitiveness. Baking and cooking for example require a lot of thinking on the spot and planning to make sure it’s perfect; it’s also a chance for your child to think of the recipes they’d like to follow. With cakes, you can even give them the chance to make their own icing or designs!

overhead shot of child baking with hand mixer
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