5 Fun Ways to Promote Your Blog

If you’d like to find new ways to get your personal brand or business out there, then blogging is a great place to start. By creating a blog you will have plenty of opportunities to reach out to people whether your goal is to promote your business or simply get your message across. There are so many fun types of content you can create and the more imaginative you are, the better. You could even work with influencers or guest speakers. Here are fun ways to promote your blog.

Gifts and freebies

If you have the budget for it you could give out gifts and freebies. You could organise a competition or draw and advertise this on social media. Incentivise your followers to share your posts in exchange for the chance to win something. You could also have personalised items made on sites such as 4AllPromos. These are ideal for creating brand exposure and you can have them customised with either your name or business’ logo.

Email newsletter

A more cost-effective solution perhaps is to send out an email newsletter. By starting a blog you should have built up a list of contacts. Send out an engaging and interesting email campaign with industry news, product launches and promotions, or your latest articles. You could also include a referral campaign if your goal is to promote your business. Offer a discount on your site in exchange for recommending your brand, for example. Here are a few more tips on how to create an email newsletter.

Post videos on social media

In order to increase website traffic, you need to promote your content across a variety of platforms. Social media is a great tool. Why not consider making some fun video content you can post? Video is very popular and engaging. You could make a how-to video, test and review products, or even interview a guest influencer. Post these on social media with a link back to your blog. There are plenty of fun ways you can use video to promote your blog.

Invite guest posters

You could invite influencers to guest post or other names in the field. This way you’ll be able to create new and interesting content with a fresh perspective. You could collaborate with other bloggers and offer to guest post on their blogs as well. This will help you build up a name for yourself online. It’s also a great way to become part of a larger online community.

Build relationships with readers

Many people start a blog in order to network with people online and this means putting in the effort with your readers. Always answer any comments and take a personal approach. If you put the time in with your readers and followers this will create good word of mouth and they’ll likely help you promote your blog. Keep your blog updated as well with plenty of fun and fresh content, so you can engage your readers’ interest and reach out to a wider audience.

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