Exploring STEM Subjects With Your Child

STEM subjects are hugely beneficial for children to learn about different areas of science and maths often overlooked. It’s a chance for kids to understand how STEM subjects make a huge impact on our daily lives without us even realising! Explore these subjects with your child with these tips from a prep school in Middlesex.

Show them the impact of STEM

From the tablets and smartphones most of us use, to our cars and the television, show your child how much technology and science is all around them. Playing with apps and games can show your child how much credit we should give to those working in STEM for making a lot of our favourite things!

Engage in maths exercises

Maths can be made fun by using games like snakes and ladders or Connect 4 games. Children have to think about their next move as they roll the dice and sometimes need to use some quick arithmetic when playing certain board games.


Making cakes requires your child to measure up the ingredients needed, such as flour, sugar and milk, to build the correct consistency needed. Setting the temperature correctly also feels like a small science experiment itself – if you cook it for too long it’ll get burnt, but if it’s not cooked for long enough then it’ll be too runny on the inside.

At a playdate, making himself at home

Trying out experiments at home

Mixing up food colourings and adding to water can encourage children to make all sorts of colours and challenge them in new ways. Using washing up liquid and water to be added to a bubble blowing machine where children can chase the bubbles. Children can also have a lot of fun by using sands of different colours to make funky creations in glass bottles! There are many experiments children can try that allow them to understand STEM subjects in a fun and exciting way.

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