Teaching Your Child to Safely Use The Internet

For children, it’s incredibly important for them to know the signs of danger online and what to do when they spot any online criminal activity. Here are some ways to teach your child to safely use the internet with the guidance of a girls prep school in Surrey.

Guide your child through the internet

Your child will learn to see what threats are common online and which can raise suspicion. As online criminals become cleverer with their tactics, children have to remain up to date on the latest ways people are being scammed online. Show your child what to look out for and also encourage them to ask you if they’re unsure about anything they spot that’s different about a website.

Monitor their social media activity

Not in a way that appears overbearing, but a regular check in on your child’s social media use will let you understand how they’re using these channels. Children will often use the same social channels as their parents, so it’s a good way to let you show them the ropes to the popular channels.

Teach your child to keep personal information private

Sharing sensitive information online, like their names, address and other incriminating information will get your child into trouble. If your child comes into contact with people online, then make sure they avoid conversations that allude to your location or identity. Tell your child about the consequences of sharing too much information online.

Set boundaries early on

Prevention is better than cure. Tell your child what they should be using the internet for and what to avoid. For most children, they’ll be using the internet as a learning resource, to communicate with their friends online and to play games. If your child enters areas where they’re not sure of what to expect, however, make it clear that they only use the internet for certain purposes until they’re old enough.

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