How to Raise a Resilient Child

Resilience is the art of knowing how to bounce back from problems, how to navigate problems and what to do in distressing moments. As adults we have a rough idea of how to handle distressing situations that can be controlled, so for children who are not used to these scenarios just yet, we should be laying the foundations for them to learn.

A pre-school in Kingston Upon Thames has helped us put together a guide to instilling resilience into our children and how to teach them how to handle common problems.

Bring confidence into your child’s life

A lot of ways children become resilient is down to how confident they can be. Some kids are born naturally confident, but for those that need that extra push can find their self-esteem by receiving continuous praise from their parents, engaging in regular social activity and finding time to play with their friends.

Practice problem-solving techniques

Resilience can be taught through giving children obstacles to overcome and problem-solving games to keep them on their toes. Engage with your child about what they should do next if they’re stuck in a tricky situation, like if they’re afraid of going down a playground slide. Playing board games also tests their ability to navigate problems presented in front of them and what they should do next to solve it.

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Regularly praise your child

A lot of a child’s development is through trial and error. If they’re dissuaded in any way then it can set them back and make them feel reluctant to carry on. No matter the outcome, show your child that you’re proud of them and how much they tried to get to where they are. It also shows your child that no one is born perfect and that it can take multiple tries to achieve something, like mastering a new hobby for instance, passing an exam or making a work of art.

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