Life Insurance and being a SAHM

In a previous life, way before children, I worked in banking. Corporate banking, but still, it meant that I was constantly around independent financial advisors, working with company directors and hearing why it was so important to have insurance.

Business insurance, buildings insurance, travel insurance, public indemnity insurance and life insurance.

All types of insurance. I added it to my to do list and went about my life.

Three Children Later

And I no longer work in banking. I’m out of the spiral of debt that credit cards got me into. And we’re homeowners to boot.

Three children, one husband and a cat later – is it still on my to do list?

Well yes. We still need to sort out our life insurance.

That’s not to say we don’t have term life insurance, we do. And in terms of valuing my husband, it’s slightly easier as he earns the cash.

But as a (albeit self employed, freelancing) stay at home mum – it’s hard to put a monetary value on what I do.





Marie Kondo declutterer and organiser!




It’s nearly impossible

To actually put a cash amount on.

Not to mention the fact that we have a mortgage. That I support my husband in his career by being the one to be there to go collect the kids when they’re sick. I was the one that picked up the homeschool baton. The stresses and the fights.

Just how much do you value what you do?

Many of us brush it off. It’s nothing. It’s just what we do.

But it’s not.

What we do is massive. We support, help, nurture, cherish.

Newborn photo

There is no monetary value of what we do – until we aren’t able to do it anymore.

That’s why we set our life insurance at the same level for each of us. It doesn’t matter that one of us earns the money and the other one supports that – we both contribute to our family life and without either of us this balance messes up.

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