Vacation Security: Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe

When going on vacation, it can be a scary thought to leave your home unprotected and vulnerable. This is why you should implement some security measures before leaving for a few weeks or months. The following are some tips that will help keep your home safe while away:

Locking Doors and Windows  

To keep intruders out of your home, make sure you lock all doors and windows. Even if it’s just for a few days while on vacation, this is important. Also, ensure that the locks are up-to-date so intruders can’t pick or pry them off with brute force. You may also want to install motion sensor lights around your house in case someone tries to break in when no one’s there. 

Locking doors and windows may also help deter burglaries and petty theft if you have any valuables or expensive items in your home. However, don’t forget to hide valuable items inside the house, so an intruder doesn’t find them easily.

Setting Up Automated Security Lights Around the House

You should have lights, especially outdoor security flood lights, that automatically go on and off depending on the day or night. It is possible to buy them online for as little as a few dollars, but you can also make your own by rigging up some solar-powered LED candles with an automatic timer so they come on at dusk, which will deter burglars from coming near your property in the first place. 

Alternatively, try installing motion sensor lights all around your house so if someone does enter during the daytime hours when everyone’s away, they turn themselves on. 

You might want to cover any windows where light shines through because it’ll give burglars notice of what room they’re entering next.

Hiding or Locking Up Valuable Items in the House

The last thing anyone wants to come back home from a vacation is finding their home ransacked. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to hide or lock up valuable items in the house before leaving for an extended period. 

This can be anything with significant value: expensive jewellery, money, electronics, etc. That way, if criminals do break in while you’re gone, they won’t have access to these valuables that may cause them to return and try breaking in again later. 

Installing a Security System 

It’s best to install a security system for your property. Many companies offer this service, but it is worth considering the costs and how often they need servicing before deciding on one company. 

Installing a security system is the most effective way to protect your home while you’re on vacation. However, not every homeowner can afford a high-priced system that includes cameras and monitoring services. 

Instead, you can opt for a low-cost DIY system that includes motion sensor lights and an alarm. These are inexpensive ways to protect your home without breaking the bank. 


The main thing for anyone who wants their home secure when they head off on vacation is to have enough security in place before they leave and during their time away. Fortunately, the above tips should help.


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