Exploring Gratitude with Your Child

Gratitude is described as understanding what you have around you and being appreciative of what you have, what others do and recognising them for it. Gratitude is a core belief that can make children grow to be more mature and independent thinkers. 

As parents we should explore gratitude with our children throughout their lives growing up. Here are some ways you can incorporate acts of kindness and gratitude in your child’s life from the advice of this independent school in the West Midlands.

Use your child’s strengths

Your child is at their most confident when they’re doing things they know they’re good at or can work to improve on. Let your child use these to open up opportunities for their friends or even family members to contribute to what your child loves doing, and also makes others feel encouraged to join in and be more cooperative. This process over time will show your child how to be kind towards others when they’re learning about something they’re passionate about.

Be flexible with your child

While you will still have a level of control over what your child does, you should be open to letting them explore and learn about the world around them without your direct impact. Let them take ownership of certain tasks around the home to give them some responsibility as they age, such as chores or a task like walking the dog every evening. It also gives them a chance to be away from the influence of social media for a few hours each day, especially if they’re in their teenage years.

Encourage your child to help others

Part of expressing gratitude is lending a hand and being supportive towards others where you can. Teach your child this by doing these actions in your own life; children often follow their parents and model their behaviours around theirs. Encourage your child to be thoughtful towards others, be open to collaboration and to provide help where they see an opportunity.

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