How to make your blog stand out

Want to make your blog stand out? Are you tired of seeing your content get lost in a sea of similar content? Time to make some changes. I know it might seem discouraging to work so hard on your blog and not be at the point you want with it but trust me, with some time, work and persistence, you will get there. I know you can do it!

Today, I’ve partnered up with London based Adobe eCommerce Website Design Agency Ad Lab, who work with a variety of bloggers, from mummy blogs to travel blogs, plus create fabulous websites that attract customers and generate sales. So, they have the experience and expertise to share some tips and tricks on how to make blogs stand out from the crowd, attract readers and make money from it!

How to make your blog stand out

Create a beautiful blog.

Let’s be honest, first impressions count. Do you have a clean and simple blog? Do you have a messy and difficult to read blog? Is your blog full of display ads making your whole blog feel crowded? The team at Ad Lab recommend going for a clean and simple look. Nothing beats a sleek blog that is easy to read and I think so too.

However, it’s important to find a happy balance between a sleek website and a you website. Any blog can look clean and simple but not every blog is made by you. It’s essential to keep your style, personality and brand identity. Otherwise, it’s just another blog. For some inspiration, browse Ad Lab’s award-winning websites at

Attract the reader’s attention.

You don’t only want to attract readers but you also want to make sure they stay for a while. You want to build an audience. So, think long term. As Tech Times shares, “on average, a reader spends about 15 seconds on each article they come across.” So, “You should care not only about how many users you can attract to your content but also how long they stay and consume your content.” 

How to keep people engaged? You might be asking. Good content is essential, of course, but good content that is complemented with stunning visuals will make your content more memorable and engaging. Work on your photography skills and maybe some videography to make your written content even more interesting.

How to make your blog stand out

Engage with your audience.

Don’t sit back and wait for your audience to grow. You need to do some legwork. As The Blonde Abroad recommends, you should “build out strategies for what to do with users once they land on your blog”. She says, “Have a bunch of incoming readers from Pinterest? Consider putting a newsletter subscribe [button] to build up your email list, or a pop-up on your top pages to get them to stay on your site longer by sending them to another related blog post!”

Expand your reach.

There are plenty of ways to build your audience and expand your reach. This means, diversifying platforms, networking with other bloggers and promoting yourself. Welsh Mum believes that “a great way to promote yourself is to join podcasts that talk about related topics.” 

The team at Ad Lab also believe that podcasts are a fantastic way to get yourself and your blog out there. Ad Lab’s director has been on a variety of podcasts, such as James Sinclair’s business podcast to talk about how Ad Lab’s director David Newman turned £5,000 into £50,000 by using Google Ads. Find podcasts that are related to your niche, contact them and discuss a collaboration with them! 

How to make your blog stand out
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