Top Tips for Helping Your Child with their Homework

Homework is something a lot of children will pick up when they start going to primary school and all the way through until they finish their studies. It’s a good tool to get children practicing what they’ve learnt in school time and using what they’ve learnt in mini tests, as revision for a big exam or support towards a project.

Homework doesn’t have to be a chore; as this guide from a boarding school in the UK shows, homework time with your child can be less stressful with these top tips.

Learn about your child’s teachers and what they’re looking for

From parents’ evenings to general conversation when you’re picking up the kids. See what your child’s teachers are looking for and how that can relate to what homework they’re given. You can also use this as an opportunity to help your child in areas they find a struggle, if they’ve been pointed out by a teacher.

Guide them as they do their homework, but don’t complete it yourself

You can sit with them and see that their homework is completed to a satisfactory standard, but you shouldn’t do the homework for them. They won’t learn if someone else does it for them! Parents can help by making suggestions if your child looks visibly unsure on what to do next, but kids should ultimately complete the homework. This gives them the chance to be independent with their own tasks.

Praise them for hard work

If they did a good job on their homework or their studying paid off in that they got a good grade in their next test in class, show that you care by praising them for their effort. Place their hard work in plain sight, like sticking it on your fridge, or if you have a reward system at home then give them points or a gold star.

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