How Do Chores Support My Child’s Overall Development?

While it may seem like chores are one of a child’s least favourite activities, there are a heap of benefits children can gain from doing regular chores around the home. In this guide I’ve teamed up with a prep school in Edgbaston to look at ways your child benefits from doing a few chores here and there around the house.

It gives your child a sense of responsibility

Children are being taught the first steps towards being responsible and looking after themselves. It also shows to a child that you believe they’re capable of doing tasks by themselves, giving them a huge confidence boost. Giving your child regular responsibility also tests their resilience and problem solving skills; sometimes a cleaning job doesn’t go the way it usually goes, so your child has to think on their feet to complete the task.

Your child can see how much their work helps the home

Cleaning and tidying happen like clockwork every week for parents. Having their children help with the workload not only gives parents a break from repeatedly cleaning up after others, but also puts things into perspective for children. Tidying their bedroom for instance and show how much clutter they might have in their room and go about ways of keeping it relatively clean each week.

Children can begin to earn rewards

A lot of parents encourage children to do chores because they know they’ll get something out of it. With that in mind, children are learning about how to keep things tidy, developing their personal skills and learning about how to be independent, while also gaining a reward for doing so. If there’s something your child is keen to have, like a new video game for instance, ask them to do a number of chores around the home for a month, or provide them with pocket money each time a task is done so they can save up for themselves.

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