Setting Up the Perfect Study Space for Your Child

Looking to set up a studying space for your child? When they reach their GCSEs there’s going to be a lot of time for them to begin revising and studying on a regular basis. This prep school in Fulham has some tips to make the perfect space for your child.

Remove electronic devices

Your child might hate you for it at first, but it is the guaranteed way of retaining focus from them as they study. You also remove the potential your child is spending the next few hours on their phone or tablet instead of working. Give them the reminder that they need to work hard to get the grades they want or the homework done on time.

Set timers so your child knows when to take a break

In the moment when you’re focusing hard it can be difficult to take your eyes away from concentrating. For us all, including our children, we should be taking regular breaks so we’re not overwhelmed with what’s in front of us. It also means children are more likely to retain that information they’ve been looking at for the past hour, promotes a better sleeping pattern and removes a level of stress from their revision time.

Get a comfortable chair and table set up

For some of us we won’t have the luxury of a spare room or study to use for studying time. For some, it’s a small area in the lounge or using the dining room when it’s not in use to focus on school work. In any case it’s good to have a table and chair setup that gives your child comfort as they study. 

Ensure the chair is set to the right height for them to access the table without leaning or reaching high up to write or type. Place any of their studying material within arms reach so they’re not stressing their hands or wrists trying to reach things from across a table. Invest in arm or wrist rests if necessary.

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