Should I Encourage My Child to Learn an Instrument?

Extra-curricular activities, such as music lessons, provide many benefits for young people, making them an important part of growing up. They are an opportunity to learn various key skills that can support their development in other areas of life. For example, children will learn the importance of hard work and commitment; even if their hobby is challenging at times, they must persevere and continue practising. I have teamed up with an independent school in Hammersmith to help you determine whether or not learning an instrument is the right hobby for your child.

Is Your Child Good at Managing their Time?

Consider whether or not your child has decent organisational skills, as they will need to juggle their school commitments, social lives, and music lessons, along with regular practise sessions. Of course, this is something they will get better at with time, but they will need to have adequate time management skills to begin with. 

Is Your Child Sociable?

Learning an instrument is a fairly solitary hobby, compared with things like joining a sports team or drama club. During their music lessons, it will likely be just them and their teacher. With that said, if your child seems better suited to a more sociable activity, you may want to consider encouraging them to pursue a different extra-curricular activity. However, bear in mind that once your child has grasped the basics of their instrument, they may want to join a band or ensemble, so there is the chance to turn their hobby into a more sociable activity in the future, just not necessarily right away. 

Is Your Child Passionate About Music?

If your child seems genuinely interested in learning an instrument, then its certainly something to consider. However, it’s important that you don’t force them into it if they’re not actually passionate about music. Make sure they are heavily involved in the decision-making process when it comes to selecting a suitable hobby, otherwise they won’t want to practise, and it will be a waste of everyone’s time and money. 

The above questions should certainly get you thinking about whether or not learning an instrument is the right option for your child. You should also consider the key benefits of this type of hobby, of which there are many. For instance, your child will become increasingly more confident as they become more proficient in playing their chosen instrument and start performing in front of others. What’s more, they will have a creative outlet in which to express themselves and take their mind off the pressures of school life. 

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