A Parents’ Guide to BTEC Qualifications

To find the right qualifications to study, important decisions need to be made that can change the course of a child’s life. To help you support your child we have teamed up with a sixth form college in London to create a Parents’ Guide to BTEC Qualifications.

What Are BTECs? 

BTECs are vocational courses that can be studied at various levels from level 2 all the way up to level 7. 

How Do BTEC Levels Work?

Level 2 courses are studied at school from year 10 to 11 and form the equivalent of a GCSE. Courses that are level 3 equate to A levels and can be studied alongside them at college or sixth form depending on the contact hours they require. Level 3 and beyond can also be studied either part time or full time and be supported by an apprenticeship. This gives students the opportunity to apply their learnings in the real world and earn while they learn.

What Makes Them Different to Their Equivalents?

They are typically practical and coursework-based alternatives to traditional qualifications that follow a more exam-based approach. However, you will find that some now require examinations. 

There’s a whole range of BTEC qualifications out there. These tend to be more specific and specialised for certain careers, making them a great option for children that already know what they want to do. 

How Are BTECs Graded?

BTECs have a different grading system compared to A levels and GCSEs. In order of the highest, BTECs can be awarded a distinction star, distinction, merit, and pass. Anything below is a fail. 

Can You Go to University with BTECs?

The answer is YES. More universities than ever are recognising the value of vocational education and are accepting students with BTECs. If your child has a dream job or passion that they want to pursue at uni, it’s important to encourage them to have a look at university websites to see which qualifications they accept. 

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