Happy Hearts Nursery – The Benefits of Music for Young Children

Music has long been a part of the curriculum and for good reason. Studies have found that those who participate benefit from higher levels of educational attainment than those who don’t. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t start now. A private nursery in London sheds light on the benefits of musical education for young children. Continue reading to learn more.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Music can help children to be more confident as it’s something that they can see visible results from. This boosts self-belief, encouraging them to have faith in themselves and their ability. Also, music involves performance whereby children need to put themselves forward and present themselves to crowds of people, giving them practice at managing their nerves.

Music Is Fun

Music is a fun and stimulating activity that allows children to experiment with sounds to create a form of art. Your child will have no trouble staying interested in music, making it a great extracurricular activity to get them involved in.

Builds Patience

But just like other skills, they’ll need to work at them to perfect them. This can be a slow but rewarding process, teaching your child to practice patience and perseverance. 


Music also gives children artistic control, creating an outlet for them to express themselves. This is great for children’s mental health as it allows them to channel their emotions and do so in a productive way.

Fine Motor Skills

Music is particularly beneficial for young children as it gets them to practice their fine motor skills. As your child strums, taps and claps to the beat, they will be able to improve movement and coordination in their hands.

Offer a Way In

Music can also inspire children and present a range of lucrative career opportunities. Whether that be in singing or in composing music. 

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