How to Raise a Compassionate Child

Kindness is something that all children are capable of. While at this moment they may lack emotional intelligence, it is something that you can help them with. We have teamed up with a private nursery in London to share a few ways that you can do this and raise a compassionate child.

Watch TV

TV, while demonised by some parents, can offer your child exposure to different social situations. This can help them to see what different emotions look like and learn how to best support others when experiencing them. You can also test them on this by pointing at different characters and asking them questions about what they’re perhaps feeling. 

Role Play

Children love playing games and role play allows them to play along. It gives them first-hand practice and experience of how to respond to someone that may be feeling a certain way which can build their social skills. 

Be Mindful of Their Feelings

Disregarding and dismissing your child’s feelings sets them a poor example of how to treat others. It can also create indifference and a lack of desire to help others. Most of the time this happens when parents are busy, or their child is being disruptive like when refusing to go home. Instead, be mindful and respectful of their feelings and act out the sort of behaviour that you want to see in them.

Invite Positive Role Models into Your Life

Children pick up on behaviours very quickly which is why it’s important to surround them with positive role models. This applies to friends, family, and partners. If someone happens to disrespect you in their presence, it’s important to not let it slide and to stand your ground to help teach your child that it’s not okay to ever treat anyone in that way.

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