Hobbies And Activities For Children To Do In Spring

Easter is coming up and over the next month or so we will have several different long weekends and bank holidays to contend with too. Trying to keep the kids entertained and happy every day can be a massive challenge and it can be something which takes up a lot of your time each day. 

Finding a hobby or an activity for your child can be a huge help and it will often keep them out of your hair for quite some time. Today we are going to look at some of the fun hobbies your child can take up this spring to keep them happy and occupied. 



The first of the hobbies we are going to chat about is one which will also keep your child fit and teach them a valuable lesson early in their lives. You can find swimming lessons in your local area and these can be the perfect things to take your child to in order to help them keep fit and have some fun. Swimming is great and once your child gets a taste for the water they will never want to leave! 

Animal watching 

If you have a large garden and you want to spend some time out there during the weekend, one idea which can be educational for your child is to give them a wildlife book and let them study creatures. There are so many birds, mammals and insects which visit the garden throughout the year and you can teach your child about these and let them go off and identify animals at their own leisure. Not only will it keep them busy but it will encourage them to start caring about nature which is so important in this day and age when the planet needs us. 

Video Games 

Lego games are a great choice for families who want to be able to play together in one game. You can play multiplayer on the same screen and you will be able to all work together to beat the levels and play the mini-games which are within the main game. You can also play racing games such as Mario Kart which is the ultimate family and friend game to play in the evenings.

Kids Classics 

What could be better than a good game of hide and seek with the kids? If you have a fairly big house and garden to play with, you can play hide and seek with the family and have some fun watching your kids giggle while hiding behind a twig. If you want to make things a bit more difficult you can switch off all of the lights in the house and play extreme hide and seek. 

Mobile Games 

If you all have mobile devices which you can use to play together you can have some fun and play games. Have some fun playing against each other or in a team and you will be able to keep score as a family. You can find anything from fun racing games tio counting activities to try at home, and these will keep yourself and the children occupied for hours. Plus, games that teach skills such as maths and english will improve their cognitive development! 


If you want to play games with your children as well as stay fit as a family, why not play some sports? Now that we are in the summertime we can get outside as much as possible and get moving as a family. Head down to your local park or to the beach and you will be able to play football, frisbee and even do relay races between you all. Sports can be fun, and running around will leave you all tired ready for the evening in front of the TV with a takeaway! 

There are so many great games to play with the kids, and you can have some fun each weekend playing together and bonding as a family. So have some fun this weekend and try some of the games in our post. 


If you are in the garden and your child wants to get involved in the action, giving them a pot to plant some seeds in can be a great idea. You can let them choose a flower which they like and grab some seeds from the store before you head home and let them plant their seeds in a pot. Over the coming weeks they will watch their flowers start to form and bloom and it can be a fun hobby for them and will make them think about science. 


If you have a rainy day, there is nothing worse than having a child who is bored and looking for something to do with their day. One of the best things you can do as a parent on a rainy day is grab some art supplies, empty a table in the house and let your child loose for a few hours. They can draw, paint, create and decorate and it will keep them out of your hair for quite some time! 

Lego building 

Building Lego figures is something which is always fun to do and if you are looking for a hobby for your child this spring, free building is amazing. Instead of following instructions you can let your child loose with lots of bricks and see what kind of things they can come up with. It will be amazing to see their creativity and it will of course keep them occupied for a long time. 

Board Games 

There is nothing more classic to play as a family than a good old board game. Whether it be Monopoly. Frustration or Chess, you can always find fun playing a board game together in the evenings. Think about what kind of games you can play for a family game night and you can total up the scores for each game to see who wins the night as a whole. Whoever wins get to choose the movie you watch in the evening! 

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