Emma from Milk and Mummy

Laura approached Milk & Mummy to review one of our breastfeeding dresses. We have a small marketing budget and we have choose the bloggers we work with carefully. Laura had just written a great post on breastfeeding which had been published on The Huffington Post and, as she lives in Dubai, she has a lot of contact with breastfeeding mums in various Dubai expat groups she is a member of, and both these factors were a key draw for working with her. Laura exceeded all my expectations. She is the most pro-active blogger I have yet worked with and has really gone the extra mile in spreading the word about Milk & Mummy on various, very relevant social media groups. She’s even alerted me to a group that I hadn’t heard of before. The review is yet to be published (we agreed to wait for her to wear the dress to her brother’s wedding) but I’ve already seen a 10% hike in our Facebook likes and jump in sales of the dress that she has chosen to review, after she shared it in several different social media groups. One of her posts reached 8,600 followers. I’m looking forward to more sales when the review is published and I hope to work with Laura again in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Lisa from Personalised Prints

I recently worked with Laura on a giveaway promotion for my small business (Personalised Prints). I approached Laura as we she seemed really active on the blogger scene and our target audiences are a good match. She’s been fantastic to work with; friendly, proactive, responsive and generous with her efforts. The promotion resulted in a 25% upswing in Facebook Likes for my Page and – most importantly – a really big increase in resulting sales! I hope to continue to work with her in future.

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