Decorating the Toddler Terrors Room

We moved house just before Baby Boy was born so that the boys would each have their own room.  As I’ve said before personalizing and decorating rooms in a rental property is difficult as you don’t want to spend a fortune or do anything too drastic as you won’t be staying forever, so we decided a wall decal was the way forward.

With baby boy, we decorated the room by painting cream and adding personal touches like his hand made personalised print unfortunately his cross stitch is still nowhere near completion.  The toddler however is a force of nature with his own ideas and forceful personality.  So we painted his room blue and spoke to e walls studios as the terror has decided his new favourite thing is planes.

I have been working on this with the lovely Teagan since before moving in.  She has been a delight to work with, not being cross when I’ve changed my mind and came up with a beautiful bespoke design for the toddler.  But that is the end of the story, its much better to start at the beginning…

Though e walls have thousands of fantastic wall decal designs on their website, including this beautiful alphabet decal (more on this later!), we decided to go with a bespoke theme.

Image courtesy of e walls

I asked the Toddler what he wanted and his answer was a firm “aeroplanes” so I set about creating my Pinterest board of images I love and that were Toddler approved.  This was sent to Teagan so she had an idea of what our demands requests were and then she popped out to see the room and take photos of it.

This bit is genius.

Truly genius.

Ever wondered what a wall decal design would look like at home before applying it?  This is what Teagan did for us.  She took my Pinterest ideas and then superimposed them on the pictures of the walls so I could decide and play around with the ideas.

white planes black plane
So play around I did and added some clouds

cloudplane cloud

Then we had the decision to make which set to choose.

And we chose the black plane and white cloud design! I couldn’t wait for the design to arrive though I was a little wary about putting it up by myself.  Sorry, not by myself, with my little helper.  I was worried over nothing, clear instructions and easy to do, I managed it with my helper directing me.

mark up collageMyself being directed by the toddler on where to place the decal on the wall

It looks absolutely fantastic on the wall, the fact that we painted the room blue means that it actually looks like the planes are flying in the sky….the Toddler adores it and each night we count the aeroplanes.

Check back on the 11th June for a chance to see the finished results and see who won our fabulous competition.


And now YOU have a chance to win the lovely ABC print showcased above.  To enter is simple complete the Rafflecopter below, you don’t have to like us on Facebook but it is always appreciated if you do.

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**Prize open to both UK and UAE residents.  Please note if you are entering from the UK prize won’t be sent until I land back in the UK on 25th June.  If you enter from UAE prize will be sent via Aramax or I will deliver personally. **

Disclaimer- I received a discount for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


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