The Things My 3 Year Old Has Had A Tantrum Over This Week

The Things My 3 Year Old Has Had A Tantrum Over This Week

Tantrums. All children have them. The list of things that my 3 year old has had a tantrum over this week is a case in point even though I have been using the “blitter jar” to help us calm down when it all gets too much (and it is going great for the wobbly moments he is having) Tantrums still happen. Over the big things and the little things, as let’s face it, nothing is safe from a tantrum stropping 3 year old.  Anything can set him off, even the littlest, most innocent of things.

Some of the things that my 3 year old has had a tantrum over have left me scratching my head as to where they came from.  My favourites (if you can call them that) are the tantrums that aren’t really tantrums. The ones that have me dissolving in fits of giggles from the start that lead into the 3 year old laughing and no one remembering where the tears came from in the first place.

The Things My 3 Year Old Has Had a Tantrum About…. this week

1.  He wanted to play with the Baby, but not that way and NO the Baby isn’t allowed to touch any of his toys.  Not really playing then….

2.  He wanted to pull the plug out of the bath but for the water to (miraculously) stay in the bath


The scene of the crime

3.  He wanted some milk.  In the other cup. But not that other cup. The other one.

Clear as mud.

4.  He couldn’t find his blue box and the instructions:

On the glass table.
Which one?
The glass one.
Next to the couch.
The couch?
Yea. The couch. The only couch we have.
Right there.
You’re looking at it.
I’m not.
You’re TOUCHING it.

Weren’t clear enough.

5. I didn’t sing “I’m a little teapot” fast enough. Or slow enough. Or with the correct actions.

No Mummy, you’re doing it WRONG

Cue stomping away.

6. Suncream.


No more needs to be said.

7. The time that the Baby was eating his dinner. Appaarently the Big One wanted that EXACT piece of baby corn that was on the Baby’s highchair. And the piece of banana in his hand. Or you know, all of the Baby’s dinner.

baby eating

That’s MY dinner

Though it seems the Baby will be giving him a run for his money in the stubborn stakes soon enough….

What have your little ones thrown a strop about this week?

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