I knew having kids would mean there would be difficult days, days where I was frazzled and they were crying.  I knew that it wasn’t going to be plain sailing.  On some level I knew that being a mum was going to be hard.  I just never realised how hard… View Post

I don’t pretend to understand politics but even I realise that today has been a big day in American politics.  More than that today has been a massive day for world politics.  The election of a new US president is fairly big news worldwide.  The election of Donald Trump is… View Post

Being tired, it kind of goes hand in hand with being a parent right?  From newborn baby to non-sleeping 18 month olds.  From tantrumming terrible two year olds to sassy threenagers.  And I’m only three weeks into having a four year old so I’m not even sure what to call… View Post

Arriving in Qatar in the middle of August meant two things, the first was that the desert heat makes Doha hotter than the sun during the summer so after a summer outside we were back to malls and soft plays, the second being that it meant putting myself back on… View Post