31 Weeks

From last weeks, very real, 30 weeks, I am now 31 weeks, creeping ever closer to D-Day!   Just a picture this week and more of an update next week after my doctors appointment tomorrow when I know a little more.   Just a teaser though…. my blood tests all came back normal (phew) so even if my blood pressure isn’t behaving everything else seems to be.   However my urine culture came back that I was Group B Streptococcus positive so I’m now on antibiotics, likely to need antibiotics in labour but I’ll update properly next week after I have spoken to my doctor tomorrow to find out more about what this means for me and what this means in general.  I definitely wasn’t tested for this last time in the UK.

And speaking of labour I’ve now found time to reflect on the toddlers birth if you are wondering why I am so nervous this time!



Next week is 32 Weeks – ever closer to D-Day!

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