Food for thought; Philly Chicken

Trying to come up with new (and quick) dinners is a bit frustrating.  Especially with my limited onion use and fussy husband combined with food fit for marathon training.

One night, the fridge was bare, minus a couple of chicken breasts, a packet of Philadelphia and a very tired red pepper.  And thus, Philly Chicken was born, a chuck it in and hope for the best kind of dish.  And it works in our house!

The Recipe

Serves 2 and a toddler


Two Chicken Breasts
Half a packet of Philadelphia cream cheese
Half a cup** of chicken stock 
Half a cup of milk
One teaspoon cornflour
One teaspoon crushed black pepper
Pasta for two

Variety of veg that you like (I use broccoli, red pepper, mushroom and sweetcorn, lightly fried)

How I do it

1. Chop the chicken breast up and brown
2. Add the Philadelphia to the the pan along with the crushed black pepper

3. Stir until melted, then add the chicken stock.  This will look a bit grotty but don’t worry

4. Bring to the boil stirring
5. Add the cornflour to a cup and fill to halfway with milk.  Stir until dissolved
6. Add the milk mix to the pan, then bring to the boil stirring.  Turn down and simmer while pasta cooks

7. Put the pan of pasta on to boil
8. Once cooked, tip the 2 pans together and stir until combined.  Add the cooked veg and serve immediately

Final Dish

philadelphia chicken pasta

Seal of Approval

**Recipes always drive me mad with the dreaded cup measurement.  In this case what I use is a tea mug about half full!

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