Valentines Day; do you, don’t you?

Valentines Day, do you, don’t you?!

We don’t.

We never have.

And despite being married and proud parents of 1 and a half children (or should that be one and two-thirds at this point eeeek!) we still don’t.

I have never received a Valentines from my husband, ironic *sob sob*.

I am now also (eventually) at the point where I no longer need one.  And romance is not dead either hurray!  Its just different these days, its getting up with the toddler terror, its making me a cup of tea before I ask for it….annnd bringing the chocolate biscuits, its ensuring the chocolate drawer is never empty, it is lying when I ask if I am getting massive and he says “no baby”, its letting me watch what I want on the telly (but never when football is on!), its about being a partnership and understanding of what the other wants.

Romance shouldn’t die, it should just amend its way to your current circumstances.

And so this Valentines, although I won’t be receiving (or indeed giving) any cards or gifts this year (or any other) I pledge to be more romantic, and show my husband how much I do love and appreciate him.  Not just on Valentines, but on the other 364 days of the year too.

And if I forget; well I just need to look at the fabulous Christmas present I bought him, detailing our favourite places and travelling journey since we met until we landed in Dubai (made for me by the gifted and talented Stacey check out what she can do at handmade gifts by pick a roses and if she hasn’t got a picture of it, ask and I am sure she will be able to accommodate, now she does have some fab Valentines stuff out there) and remember that we picked each other for the journey and look forward to the future, side by side!


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