37 Weeks….FULL TERM

Last week I was 36 weeks pregnant, which means this week I hit the magic THIRTY-SEVEN!  I did it!  I made it to full term!!!!

So that is one goal complete, the next is to try and avoid a c-section so today I will be looking at potential natural induction methods….but first a bump shot:

Natural Labour Induction Methods

Now, given my previous experience of birth I am keen to not only avoid a c-section but a medical induction as well (that is even if they allow one!) I tried a lot of this last time and still ended up with a medically induced labour so I have no hopes but it was a fun way to make me feel like I have been doing something to help bump come and meet the world.

Please note that I am not a doctor and that this post is in fun for the things that I will personally try.  I do not recommend any of the below without consultation of your doctor or midwife.

Bouncing on a ball

As I have been under an OBGYN here the care has been very different to my midwife led care in the UK.  I have had scans, so I know that baby is head down and in the right position.  But I’ve not had bump measurements and checks.  So I haven’t had the “ooh baby is one fifth engaged, three fifths engaged, back to one fifth” excitement.

However one of my friends out here used to be a midwife in Ireland, so she had a quick feel of the bump.

Baby is not engaged.

So I am getting a ball to bounce that head down!

A glass of red wine

I’ve missed wine.  A lot.  And I am not even sure that this is a real thing, but one of my friends told me that red wine is *apparently* meant  to induce labour.

I am taking that.

And having a glass of red.




Just no.

Not happening.


When I was pregnant with the toddler I walked a lot.  An hour a day.  At least.  I used to walk from Clapham to Chelsea and Westminster hospital which was fairly hilly.  I used to do star jumps in the middle.

My best friend took me on a walk round Dulwich Park and nearly had a heart attack when I went striding round and was planning the best route to get me to the hospital.

She needn’t have worried because it didn’t work.

This time.  Its fairly hot for walking.  We are creeping into the mid 30’s regularly.  And the toddler isn’t always the most cooperative.  I have done 15 minutes here and there and will continue to do so.  But I don’t think I have the energy to embark on any longer.

Spicy Food

I think this takeaway Thursday I may have to step it up from a chicken Korma….do you think a tikka masala would be spicy enough?

Evening Primrose Oil

Now apparently this helps to soften and thin the cervix if you take it orally, you can take it internally but I think I will pass.  Again, it is meant to help soften and thin your cervix ready for labour.

I do actually have a jar in the cupboard which I used to try and combat my terrible PMT pre-pregnancy so now I am at 37 weeks I will be taking this until they run out.

I did this last time too, but obviously it didn’t work, so I am not expecting much this time.

Clary Sage Oil

I have a little pot of this waiting.  But the scare stories on the internet are putting me off as it is fairly potent.

I might just have a little sniff for now…..

And ask me again at 38 weeks, by then I could be massaging with the stuff and bathing in it.

Anybody have any other tips for me?


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