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For those of you that follow my blog you will be aware that my mum came out as a precaution when the husband was in Barcelona running the marathon, just in case anything happened like I had the baby early.  Which I didn’t (woo!).  And then changed her flights after I had a morning in hospital to help out with the toddler and stay around just in case again.

Luckily second time round she managed to make her flight and all seemed relatively peaceful out in Dubai.

But we wanted to say Thank You, for all her help, for changing her flights around, and for generally just being there.  We didn’t want to send flowers, which are the standard go to when you live so far away, we couldn’t just pop round with some thank you cupcakes made by the fair hands of the toddler as they wouldn’t survive the plane ride, and we wanted more than just a card.  So we were truly stumped.  

Then the lovely people at BakerDays got in touch and all our problems were solved.  You see, what BakerDays does is deliver letterbox cakes.  Yes you read that right, cakes that actually fit through your letterbox.

These perfectly formed 5 inch cakes, personalised to your taste, with both flavour and decoration (we chose from the Thank You range), and serve 3-4 small slices, which go nicely with a cup of tea.  Perfect.

So we ordered a thank you cake for mum to be delivered when she got home.

And delivered it was, in the cutest cake box I have ever seen a picture of (and one which I am requesting comes out to Dubai for me to have!) I was slightly worried that the postal service would mean that the cake would be bashed and bruised.  It turns out I was worried for no reason because the cake was perfect, probably helped by the beautiful tin as well.  And I love the little touch of a small pack of love hearts in the box.

We ordered Mum a chocolate chip cake, with a lovely thank you message printed on top, but there are many, many more designs to choose from.  Indeed there is even a new cupcake service if you need any more than a little cake.

And as if Mum needed any excuse for a gossip with a friend, the pair of them shared the cake delightedly!

Mum’s Verdict

The cake was presented beautifully, and I couldn’t believe that it actually came through the post.  It smelt as good as it looked, but as I waited a few days before actually eating it was slightly let down in freshness but because of the thinness the cake got away with it.

A fantastic novelty idea and an extremely thoughtful gift.

My Verdict

I wouldn’t hesitate to do this again for anyone I need to send a special message to in the UK.  I love that it adds the personal touch, I love even more that in many cases my go to thank you message is in fact a cake and that even though I can’t be there I can still send baked goods love via BakerDays.  I have been racking my brains and I am still to find an occasion where cake would not make everything better, and even better, knowing that BakerDays will personalise your cake for you there really isn’t any time I wouldn’t use them….if you are stuck for any ideas here are a couple I thought of:
  • Birthdays
  • Valentines Day
  • Mothers Day
  • Easter
  • Thank You
  • I’m Sorry
  • Congratulations
  • New Baby
  • New Pregnancy

A lot of events happen to friends and family while you live so far away and sometimes just a little cake to show you are still there and caring is enough to put a smile on their face and give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside!


And BakerDays have also offered me a great competition for you guys, the chance to win your own letterbox cake.  Cakes can only be sent to UK addresses as this is a UK company but if you are reading from Dubai (or anywhere else for that matter) and want to send a cake to a loved one in the UK like I did to say Thank You to my Mum then this is the competition for you.  One letterbox cake of your choice, intrigued?  Then enter below, competition ends midnight Wednesday 29th April and winner must respond within 48 hours otherwise a new winner will be drawn.


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