Postnatal; Cleared to Exercise

Following my c-section with Baby Boy I have been taking it easy, however this week my doctor cleared me to start gentle exercise. 

So far my running plans are on hold, though I will be starting the couch to 5k at some point it’s just too hot outside for me to consider it, I know it’s only going to get hotter seeing as we are headed for the Dubai summer but I am sneaking back to the UK for 3 weeks so I am hoping to get into the habit of running while I am there.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing anything though, instead of running I’ve finally been able to start my online fitness class from Dr. Joanna Helcke.  Originally I was meant to start this whilst I was still pregnant but I went and had baby boy the day before my membership was validated.  Still that means my entire membership will be focussed on the post natal program.

The online pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert

Dr Joanna Helcke is an award winning fitness expert specialising in pregnancy and postnatal fitness.  Not only does she offer an all round pregnancy and postnatal program, which is accessible at anytime, anywhere, which is perfect for the busy mum (or mum-to-be), but she also has three boys of her own.  She really understands and it shows in the videos, but more on that later.

My Postnatal Body

I thought I would be brave enough to share my postnatal body with you all for comparison. 

I will do regular updates as I progress with the program.

I debated about adding my weight or not.  For me it has never been about the number on the scales but the number on my clothes.  I ummed and ahhed and then did it a little more until I reached this decision:

The Program

The Program is pregnancy and post natal friendly Pilates which doesn’t rush you at any stage.   In fact the first 3 weeks are videos that are getting you used to the idea of exercising and talking you through what your body has just been through with pregnancy and labour. 

The video in week 3 has an easy to follow guide and demonstration on how to check if you have an abdominal separation, which I never knew.  I do as it happens, a very very small one.  But one I’d never have known about without being shown how to check.

And from week 4 the exercise has started, nothing too daunting, each video is between 17-18 minutes long with a lot of focus on your pelvic floor.
Manageable with a baby that wants to be held and a toddler that wants to do it with you.

Pop back and see how I’m getting on!


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