Travel: Having a Singapore Sling in Raffles

After last weeks castle adventure with Hannah from Mums Days, it is back to the toddler and I with the next holiday on the list being Singapore.

Now we seem like a jet setting family, but this was in fact our honeymoon that we took the toddler along on.  I had no idea where we were going on our honeymoon, the husband planned our trip with meticulous detail and kept it secret until he announced to me (and everyone at the wedding) as part of his speech….

The moment I found out, photograph courtesy of Karina Cipikopf

Singapore was our first stop, a 3 day city break before we headed onto the luxury of our next stop.  Singapore is a fanatstic, bustling place, with great public transport facilities.  The only problem is it is a bit of a flight away. 12 hours and 55 minutes scheduled time.  Still we were feeling good about it, after all this would be jet setting babies 5th flight.
All in actually he was very good.  The flight was empty.  It was 2 adults vs one baby and I had my secret weapon…boobs.  And it was a night flight so the lights got dimmed and he went in the sky cot.  Love those things.  I curled up and had about 3 hours sleep, the husband managed about the same and I just dreaded the seatbelt signs going on and having to lift the baby out of the sky cot.  Which of course they did.  Oh well.  We survived to tell the tale at least.  
Now I look back as well, so much easier flying with a 7 month old than a toddler!  He didn’t move, slept more, and his favourite thing was breastfeeding.  
Landing in Singapore we were hot and tired, but excited about exploring.  We moved all of us onto local time straight away, but, due to jet lag, we did end up sharing our bed the whole 3 days we were there with the baby!


The husband has been to Singapore before, but I never had and you can’t go to Singapore and not head to Raffles to have a Singapore Sling.  
We headed to the original home of the Sling when we reached Raffles, which is the Long Bar.  It may not be the original Long Bar from the early 1900’s but it definitely has been made to feel that way, monkey nuts on the tables that you eat and piles build up on the floor around you, the swinging fans above your head (though of course air conditioned now as well)
They are lethal.  They taste like deliciousy fruity but pack a mean punch of gin (and the rest) so anymore than one I’d have been on the floor….

How to make a Singapore Sling

30ml Gin
15ml Cherry Heering
7.5ml Dom Benedictine
7.5ml Cointreau
120ml Pineapple Juice
15ml Lime Juice
10ml Grenadine
Dash Angostura Bitters
Shake over ice and serve cold…
Of course we didn’t spend all our time in Raffles….we stood outside and posed for photos as well.
Then we did some other sightseeing, we strolled along the river (and visited Hooters with a hungry baby) and being sad banker people stopped for a drink in the bar that Nick Leeson used to drink in before he was responsible for the collapse of Barings Bank.
We went to the aquarium on Sentosa Island, which is home to pink dolphins, though we were more interested in the fish inside and stroking Daddy’s hair.
We went up and explored Fort Silosa, which is amazing to see how the British army lived and worked.
Being on honeymoon enjoyed lots of luxury meals and cocktails….
All in all a wonderful 3 days before the next leg of our trip which took us to Bali, Indonesia.

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