October Bucket List

After my August bucket list of relax, which I did, I kind of missed September because we were once again flying everywhere.

At the beginning of the month we flew back for my little brothers wedding where I got the chance to really dress up though I hadn’t quite bargained on getting ready now I have 2 little people in tow. From there we flew to Portugal for a weeks break, and enjoyed time barbecuing and relaxing.

"I am man, I make FIRE"
“I am man, I make FIRE”

Some of August was spent interviewing for a full time job though it was unsuccessful unfortunately then Baby Boy got sick again with tonsillitis and it hit home just how difficult that would have been to manage with limited holidays. I’ve consoled myself with the fact that I’m helping my husband advance in his career by being the one available at all times.

Blog wise I have had some great opportunities and my Tots100 score made it to the top 500. I also managed to get myself caught up in a bit of a scandal which made me feel a bit sick and re-assess blogging for this months bucket list.

My October Bucket List

1. Celebrate my big boys THIRD birthday

My baby is three, I cannot think of a truer quote than this

William Photo

as it seems like only yesterday he was born, not three years, three houses and a country ago.

2. Start to potty train

I think it’s time…..

3. Go out to brunch

One of the blog opportunities I have is a review of an amazing new babysitting service available from Babies and Beyond. This sort of service is a lifeline when you are an expat who doesn’t have trusted family or friends down the road to help you out when you need some child free time. So we are taking full advantage when the Husbands brother and sister come out to visit and are headed to Fork & Cork brunch in the Anantara on the Palm for an afternoon of indulgence.

4. Start our weaning adventure

The Baby turns 6 months on the 16th – that means fooooooooood! Definitely going for a more relaxed baby led approach this time, coupled with a slightly unconventional Toddler weaning method where the toddler basically tries to feed the baby all sorts of inappropriate foods, like grapes…..

5. Run!

I’ve started the #MilesforMAMA challenge, with my personal goal of 311 miles to be completed by July. I’m a bit behind (and full of excuses) so I need to just pull my finger out.


6. Get blog organised

Losing your mojo is going around I think, along with Martyn (Inside Martyn’s Thoughts), Kaye (Hello Archie) and Katie (Mummy, Daddy, Me) I’ve hit a rut. I don’t think the whole scandal episode helped. Right now I have about 25 titles sat in drafts, 4 reviews to start, 1 product to actually test, a sick baby and a toddler who enjoy playing musical beds. I am the sort of person who enjoys lists and being organised so this month I want to buy a big planner to stay on top of everything so I can start to feel in control. The less overwhelmed the more likely my mojo is going to come back to me!

And I think that’s it – I’ll let you know how it is having a threenager and whether his cake actually worked out well next month….



  1. October 4, 2015 / 11:06 pm

    I love the idea of a monthly bucket list and ticking things off as I go! I hope you manage to accomplish most (if not all) of everything on your list this month! x

    • Laura
      October 9, 2015 / 7:38 am

      Thanks Emma! X

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